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We have a very successful junior academy programme in place at the golf centre. By far the more popular choice is our junior group clinics that run during term times that offer each junior the chance to participate in a weekly structured golf class. Our golf classes are structured specifically to address varying levels and standards of golfers on our programme at this time. We enrol children as young as 6 years all the way up to late teens. The programme is as follows;

Level 1

                                             Gofers at Level 1 are new to the gameand will learn basic movements for golf.

                                             Grip - Ten finger grip with hands in correct position.

                                             Posture - Basic athletic starting position.

                                             Swing - Full swing with balance.

                                             Putting - Different length putts plus uphill and downhill.

                                             Basic Etiquette and safety.

                                                                                                                                                           Level 2

                                            Golfers are learning the game and will focus on improving basic movements , skills , rules and etiquette.           

                                            Grip - ten finger grip with correct pressure and position.       

                                            Posture - Good starting posture / weight transfer.           

                                            Swing - Balanced swing and basic understanding of swing plane.               

                                            Putting - Learning to read greens and understanding different length of swing to control distance.

                                            Shorg Game - Pitching over bunkers / Bunker shots and control of distance with length of swing.             

                                                                                                                                                  Safety and Etiquette                         

                                                                                                                                                           Level 3                     

Golfers in this catagory are developing their skills and learning more advanced techniques.To complete Level 3 golfers should be be able to understand and perform the following skills. 

                                           Grip - Begin to learn to link hands and hold as a unit.   

                                           Posture - Strong starting posture  / weight transfer with speed and balance.  

                                          Swing - Strike the ball consistant and show basic understanding of swing plane and weight transfer and balance.

                                          Short Game - Have a good understanding of pitching - making sure the ball goes into air and control of distance by length of swing.

                                          Bunkers - Understand rules in bunkers- not ground club-hit sand not ball and getting out of bunker in one/two attempts.

                                          Putting - Able to read greens and control distance.

Understanding the Rules of Golf on course. Play 3 to 6 holes in good time and safely without assistance. Marking a score card and looking at joining a Golf Club getting a handicap and playing 9 hole medal. 

                                                                                                                                                          Level 4 

                                         Golfers in this catagory are at an advanced stage of learning and are focused on competitive play and performing under pressure.

                                         Gaining official handicap and playing junior competitions at their own clubs and junior opens. 

                                         Swing - Advanced stage of skills , controlling ball flight , Length and curvature with swing shapes.

                                         Short Game- Have the skill level to play Bunker shots , pitch shots and control of shot trajectory and distance and putting.

                                         Rules understanding of R & A Rules of golf.



All new players on our academy are introduced to the very basic skills and knowledge required to play golf. As each junior player progresses through each level  he/she is introduced further to swing technique, competition, rules & etiquette.

Our aim at Melville golf centre with our academy is to ensure that all our classes follow a systematic, structured programme that ensures athlete development over a prolonged period of time. Yet in the process, have a lot of fun and enjoyment!!

Our academy has produced many golfers who have gone on to represent club and county level.  At present we have players on the Academy level who will be participating in this year’s major junior competitions throughout the country. Melville Golf centre is one of the leading providers of junior golf coaching in Edinburgh.

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