TUESDAY MORNING - SENIORS ROLL UP  - STARTS AT 10.00AM £10 per session with John Murray PGA

MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGs -  LADIES at 10.00 AM Limited to 6 placesbooking in advance in blocks of 4 classes, £40 per block. NOTE THESE ARE PREBOOKED



What is a Roll-Up Class?

A Roll-Up Golf class allows you to turn up to a class WITHOUT committing to a course or series of lessons. An itinerary is set out by our P.G.A professional and it is up to you to pick which week you would like to come to. Our sessions are aimed at all levels of players from beginner to better players.

Can I keep coming every week to the classes?

If you are serious about improving your golf game or even just looking to pick up some useful tips we recommend thatyou come along each week and follow the itinerary set out by our P.G.A Professionals Craig Imlah and John Murray. The Itinerary can be found on our main notice board just outside the entrance to the shop. This however does not mean that you can’t just come along for an individual session. You will always feel welcome in Graham’s classes.

How much does each class cost?

All Adult, Lady & Senior classes cost £12.00 per hour. This includes your tuition plus 100 balls on arrival and 1 hour of tuition. Who are the classes aimed at? Everyone!! Our sessions are aimed at all levels of players from complete beginners to better players. Either way our classes will always have something to help your golf game, we guarantee it!!

Who will you be taught by?

Instruction will be provided by our Class AA PGA teaching Professional. . Be sure to check out our itinerary for future dates & times of our classes. The itinerary can be found just outside the entrance to the shop or call 0131 6638038

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